The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum delivers anti-bullying workshops to children and young people, and to their parents and carers, in schools and groups across Northern Ireland.  These workshops provide participants with a great opportunity to develop a better understanding of bullying behaviour, it’s impact and we can work together to tackle it.

Who are the workshops for?

NIABF delivers workshops for:

  • children and young people
  • parents and carers

Please note: NIABF does not deliver training for school staff. This is the remit of the Education Authority. All requests for staff training should be directed to your local EA Office.

What do the workshops cover?

NIABF works with staff in schools and groups to ensure each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the participants. Generally, workshops for children and young people will focus on:

  • developing an understanding of bullying behaviour, how it happens and the motivations behind it
  • empowering young people to know how to challenge bullying behaviours
  • supporting young people to contribute towards anti-bullying practice in their school/group

Workshops for parents and carers will usually focus on:

  • developing an understanding of bullying behaviour, how it happens and the motivations behind it
  • supporting parents and carers to recognise signs and symptoms of bullying
  • empowering parents and carers to effectively respond to bullying behaviour, including supporting their child and reporting concerns to the school/group

Who can request a workshop?

Workshops can be delivered in schools (primary/post-primary/special), youth groups, community groups or any other group of children and young people and/or parents and carers. Primary

How do I request a workshop?

Anyone wishing to request a workshop should complete the NIABF Workshop Request Form and return it to us at

What happens next?

  • Once we receive your completed request form we will process this and, if your organisation meets the criteria, your request will be put on our waiting list.
  • When your request reaches the top of the waiting list, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange the date and time for the workshops.
  • Please note, a member of staff must attend all workshops with young people.


As demand for workshops often exceeds our capacity to deliver, NIABF will prioritise schools and youth groups who:

  • Have not received NIABF workshops in the past three years
  • Demonstrate a clearly identified need for anti-bullying work (eg. following an incident, part of school development plan, etc.)
  • Demonstrate how the requested workshop fits within the wider anti-bullying work of the school
  • Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing anti-bullying work (eg. regular participation in Anti-Bullying Week)

When are workshops available?

Workshops are delivered throughout the year. However, as demand is usually very high we recommend submitting a workshop request form as early as possible.

Senior Pupil Training

Bullying often involves an imbalance of power.  In any society, power imbalances are common and not necessarily negative.  What we choose to do with the power we have can have a serious impact on the wellbeing of those around us.  This training programme seeks to harness the power of the senior pupils in school, to use it as a key tool in tackling all forms of bullying. For more information click here : Anti-Bullying Training for Senior Pupils

To request Senior Pupil Training for your school or organisation, please complete the form here: NIABF SPT Request Form and return to