The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum delivers anti-bullying workshops to children and young people in schools and youth groups across Northern Ireland.  It is a great opportunity for children and young people to understand the methods and motivations of bullying, it’s impact and what they can do to stand up for themselves and support others.


Who are the workshops for?

NIABF Anti-Bullying Workshops are designed for young people in a school or youth group setting.

What do the workshops cover?

The workshops will:

  • define bullying and how to spot bullying behaviours
  • empower young people to know how to stop bullying behaviours
  • empower young people to contribute towards anti-bullying practice in their school

What age groups do the workshops cover?

  • Primary
  • Post Primary

Workshops can also be delivered in Special Schools.


  • Staff to submit a workshop request prior to allocation of training
  • Senior staff in your school to attend the workshop so that they can advise of needs of the pupils group, assist in facilitation of group work and lead on any emerging safeguarding issues
  • NIABF will liaise with the Education Authority prior to delivering training to your young people so that they are aware should complementary training for staff be required.


As demand for workshops often exceeds our capacity to deliver, NIABF will prioritise schools and youth groups who:

  • have not previously benefitted from NIABF support
  • identify anti-bullying work as part of their School Development Plan

When will training be available?

Training will be delivered within the capacity of NIABF at the earliest opportunity.

To enquire about training, please download our workshop request form and email to