Anti-Bullying Week 2017 Competition Guidelines

Key Dates:

  • Monday 24th April – ABW17 Competition opens
  • Friday 23rd June – ABW17 Competition deadline for entries
  • Monday 13th November – ABW17 Launch and Competition Prize Giving

ABW17 Theme: ‘All equal, all different, all together’

This year in Anti-Bullying Week, we will support schools and youth organisations:

  • to celebrate difference and diversity across Northern Ireland
  • to bring together children and young people to celebrate what makes them and others unique
  • to help create welcoming and inclusive environments both off and online for children and young people.

What is the ABW17 Competition all about?

The competition is designed for children and young people to create, develop and promote anti-bullying messages through creative media, in line with the theme: ‘All equal, all different, all together’. Their audience will be other children and young people and the adults who support them. We want to celebrate the positive messages of anti-bullying, celebration of diversity, kindness, respect and inclusivity in all environments both face to face and online.

How do children and young people enter the competition?

We want children and young people to be creative and use all their gifts and talents! We want children and young people to write, create, make or compose something to celebrate this year’s theme of “All equal, all different, all together”.

Entries are invited in the following media:

  1. Written Word
    Writing an essay: How does my school promote the ABW17 theme of “All equal, all different, all together”? (500 words maximum. You can include policies, assemblies, displays, anti-bullying mentors, playground buddies, positive behaviour charter)
    Writing a short story
    Writing a poem
  2. Art
    Creating a piece of art (2D or 3D)
    Creating a short drama (maximum 2 minutes long)
  3. PowerPoint
    Making a PowerPoint (maximum 2 minutes long)
  4. Performance
    Filming a video (maximum 2 minutes long)
    Composing a song (maximum 2 minutes long)
    Creating a rap (maximum 2 minutes long)

We ask that the work submitted is all your own original work and must not be copied from any other source. The entries should reflect the challenges as well as the positive messages of anti-bullying work.

How will the competition be judged?

The competition will be judged by members of NIABF and our ABW17 Sponsor Translink. The judges will be looking for entries which best promote the theme of ABW17 ‘All equal, all different, all together’.

Prizes will be awarded to outstanding entries.
Entries may be used for future anti-bullying campaigns.
Entries will not be returned to schools.

What are the Categories?

  1. Preschool
  2. Primary P1-4
  3. Primary P5-P7
  4. Post Primary Y8-Y10
  5. Post Primary Y11-Y14
  6. Special School

What is the deadline and where do I send competition entries?

Please send competition entries by 2pm on or before Friday 23rd June to:
Rosanna Jack
NIABF Regional Co-ordinator
National Children’s Bureau
The NICVA Building
61 Duncairn Gardens
BT15 2GB

Please note that a Competition Entry Form must be submitted with each entry. click here to download entry form.